Welcome to Ekklesia’s Interactive Hell Week Blog

15 Mar

Purpose of this Site

This blog is not intended to endorse or promote any particular theological position on the subject of Hell.  We would like for you to engage in prayerfully considering the topic as you engage scripture, logic, and your fellow brothers and sisters over this topic.  This blog is intended to serve as a landing place for whoever is interested in further engaging the conversation we started on the nature of Hell in Christian Theology.  We hope it will provide some resources for you to further investigate what you believe and why you believe it.

Rules for this Site

The rules here are simple, go wherever you want on the site, as often as you want, and interact (comment etc.) as many times as you want.  We ask only that your comments are respectful and that all rhetoric is based in love and respect for each other.  In that vein we ask that if you leave comments you do so under your actual name – we tend to be more kind we we are not anonymous.

How do I navigate this site?

For now we have posted page link across the top of the page relating to 3 general Christian approaches to Hell  (Traditional, Evangelical Universalist, Annihilation). Understanding that there a virtually limitless variation within and outside of these categories, they should serve as a good launching point for those of you beginning the investigation

POSTS ARE IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER and can best be explored by category (category list is in the right hand column of this page)

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One response to “Welcome to Ekklesia’s Interactive Hell Week Blog

  1. John Laukkanen

    April 1, 2011 at 6:17 am

    Found a great, short talk by NT Wright on Hell. Check it out


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